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Family – Co Housing in Challenging Times – Your Haven?

May 10, 2010

Are you an Islander living away and looking to come home? Are you looking for a new life and wish to ensure that you will be able to include your family and friends?

Here is our family – 3 generations – cousins from all over the world – Christmas on PEI.

This is where we were that Christmas. This is what we call “The Barn”. It is 2,500 square feet and sleeps 7 easily. It is 100 feet from the main house. Here are more pictures and more information about it.

We converted the old horse barn into a guest house so that we could provide a place where our family that is all over the world could connect. Christmas, summer vacations – whatever works. For many who have cottages, they are far away. But here our family can be just around the corner.

Many families are like ours – spread out over thousands of miles. We have found that our place has helped us all be more connected. In particular it has sown a seed of connection between the young.

I also look into the future. Is living on our own going to work? Can we be sure that our parents and our kids will be able to cope on their own? Our place is designed to enable an extended family have community but also their own privacy and autonomy. Our property is more than a place for great vacations. It is a place where many people can live permanently.

If you are thinking about the future this way – then our place may make a lot of sense for you.

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