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Selling our Lovely House – A Place for Adult Kids and Aged Parents

March 30, 2010

Do you have aging parents? Do you have adult children who are a bit lost?

Of course we love our parents and we love our kids but having them live with you……..

Robin’s parents came to PEI from Ontario in their late sixties, as we plan to move closer to our own kids now. At that time in life, your family trumps friends.

For several years they lived in a very nice apartment downtown. But as Frank grew weaker, he needed more care and Ann more help. The choice was a seniors residence or to have them come and live with us.

By this time both were in their early 70’s. It seemed wrong that they go so early to the gateway to dementia and death, a seniors home. So we built this 1,000 sf addition to our house. Close but separate. their own front door. We could lend a hand and be there in a flash if we were needed.

We were too late. Before it was finished Frank fell, broke his hip and died a few weeks later. Exactly the kind of event we were hoping to avoid.

Ann now widowed, moved in and lived with us for a few more years before her death. The choice again would have been to soldier on alone or to move into a home.

Many of us boomers share this story. Many of us have aging parents. Our “Wing” is designed for you.

It has beauty as you can see here and functionality. It is wheel chair accessible both from an access point of view but also inside with wide doors and a bathroom designed for a wheelchair.

You can see more pictures here on our rental site.

What about adult children? These are uncertain times. Especially hard on our young. Our daughter Hope returned from 6 years of travelling a few years back. Re-entry to life in Canada was very hard for her. So she came to live with us. A common story. But while we all love our children and they us – well most of us and most of the time – living under the same roof as an adult child can be very stressful for all.

The wing again gave us that solution. Close but separated.

This is why I describe this place as a family compound – does this fit your needs?

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  1. Brenda permalink
    January 20, 2013 10:16 pm

    Hello, I was wondering if your lovely property is still for sale?

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