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Selling our lovely house – the Mundane & the Sacred

March 24, 2010

This is why I came to PEI. It’s a March day and I am walking my dogs. Yes, we get winters here and it is not always summer. I came to PEI after a traditional life working for a large bank. I needed to find the sacred.

I had been worn out by the grind and I had detached from people, from nature and from myself. PEI as a whole has re-attached me. It is a human scale place where you are “known” and where you know others. Even as an outsider, you can be part of life here – if you wish to contribute. It is the kind of place where the Premier can get on the plane with you and have a chat. It is the kind of place where Danny  Carmichael can teach you how to use a chainsaw. It is the kind of place where you wave at folks as you drive. It is hard to hide here. I struggled with this before I decided to come here. Would it be too small?

I found not. While the total population is less than a small town, about 140,000 people, we are a province. What that means is that PEI is not like a small town. We have the infrastructure of a medium sized city but in a rural setting. A university, UPEI, that is is on the path to become something special. It is becoming the economic and social hub of the place. Supported by Holland College that is also becoming a first class institution. Supported by a health system that is at scale and that as we have found out first hand can offer you the best support in the worst kind of situation. Supported by an arts and food infrastructure designed to offer our million plus visitors a wonderful experience. And of course we are supported by a beautiful land and seas scape.

So I found I could have my reconnection with a human scaled community and still not be a hermit. I could still have the intellectual and social life that I needed. It was small enough to bring back community but also big enough to keep me engaged.

But the issues of the mundane still confront all of us. How am I going to make a living and or keep myself productively occupied? For many might want to “get away” but know that they still have to work. Work is surely more than money. Good work validates us. We all need to find that. Robin, my wife finds that work in her art and in her crafts. But I needed to play in the wider world. I need a lot of complexity to make me feel good.

I have my answers to this and you will find your own. I have work that exists anywhere in the world. Most of my paid work takes place online and in the US. Online I am connected to a global community. The online community on PEI is very strong too. We punch well above our weight here on PEI with several of us playing leading global roles. The airport is 15 minutes from my front door. It is still intimate. Everyone comes to see you off and to pick you up here. You know all the staff and they know you. I can get to Washington by late morning. Getting home is another matter! What I am saying is that if you have mobile skills, you can have the best of both worlds, you can be living on paradise at PEI costs and have globally challenging work and global fees.

But what about here? Can you get work here? I suppose the answer is “That depends”. Depends on what you have to offer. I have been here for 15 years and have had a lot of very interesting work on the Island. I have also had wonderful unpaid work. Wonderful in that the work has been complex and has made a real difference. If you have something to offer and an open heart, you will find work here or you will make it happen.

Work is work. I have never had much difficulty in finding it. My challenge, and the reason I came here, was that I had lost myself in work. I had to find myself again. Maybe this is you too? Maybe you too need to reconnect?

It is our lovely place that has been my “doctor”. Where the mundane work at home is the portal to the sacred. Where the tasks of walking the dogs, stacking the wood, mowing the lawn, feeding the birds, shovelling the path, planting the trees, raking the leaves in all the seasons have brought nature back into my nature.

Where the reward at the end of the day is also sacred. Where sitting on the deck with a drink in the summer evenings, eating in front of the fire in the winter, sharing the hammock are rewards in themselves.

Where even in my work work, in my home office as I am now, I can look up and see the eagles fly above the river. All keep me connected.

Is this what you want too?

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  1. April 11, 2010 2:30 am

    Looks like a beautiful place to be! Best of luck selling!

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