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Selling our lovely home – why and how

March 15, 2010

I live in a dream place. Many people say that about where they live but for me and for many others who have been here – this is no exaggeration. We had been looking for a place like this all our lives and found it quite by accident. We were driving along and saw the drive. It looked like the entrance to a magic kingdom.

That is what we saw. It was for sale!

Over the next few weeks and maybe months, I will share with you why this place is magic. But first I think it best if I answer the obvious question. If this place is so special why am I selling it?

I think this video may give you a clue

[Robin has now watched this and here are the corrections from the Oracle – the “Pines” are Spruce! The Red Oak is 20 years old – it was 10 when we got it and has been planted here for 10 and not five years. Am I getting old or not?]

I am 60 this year. In ten years, I will be 70. At my age the decades fly by. I will awake and be too old to look after the place as it deserves. Our children have made their lives elsewhere. They come down and visit us but when we are 75 plus, it would be good to be close to them. We also have one grand child and hopes for more. It is lovely to see them here for visits. But we want more. So that is why we are selling.

Who do we want to buy our place? We don’t want our sale to be another transaction. Of course we want our price. But as much we want the buyer to be someone who will love and cherish this special place as we have and as have all the past owners. Later I will tell you more about them – they are indeed a special lot as well and we know who all of them have been back to the first clearing of the land here.

When the Palmers left, the previous owners, Mrs Palmer hugged the oak. That’s how much they felt about this place.

We have been the stewards for the last 10 years of a long line of stewards going back to the Bovyers who settled this part of Lot 48 in the early 1800’s. The Bunbury Road was in effect their driveway.

Are you that new steward of this property? Do you know this person?

We want to show you our place and deal with you too.

Oh yes and all the details are on the links on the right hand side of this post.

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  1. Shawn permalink
    November 11, 2013 8:52 pm

    beautiful place….and you should remain as you are still young!

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